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Dissolution rate tester
Disintegration tester
Tablet friability tester
Table hardness tester
Tablet four-usage tester
Thickness tester
Melting-point tester
Gelatin gel strength test system
Bloom viscosity tester
Transparency tester
Thaw tester
Magnetic stirrer
Clarify tester

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We concentrate on product quality and technology improvement to provide customers competitive solutions and considerate service. With advanced research and development team, Karaltay is providing customers around the world much better quality, more high-powered products and service.

Product Lines
Pharmaceutical Testers

1.Dissolution tester
2.Disintegration tester
3.Thaw tester
4.Tablet friability tester
5.Table hardness tester
6.Tablet four-usage tester
7.Clarity tester
8.Thickness tester
9.Melting-point tester
10.Fast moister tester
11.Gelatin gel strength test system
12.Bloom viscosity tester
13.Transparency tester
14. Magnetic stirrer

Our Quality Policy is based on three fundemantal principles:
• Quality is defined as conformance to requirements.
• Total Quality Management is our business philosophy.
• The benchmark for quality comprises our performance goals which are continuously measured.

Bearing in our mind that our customers need most reliable products, we have always been doing our utmost to supply quality products since the establishment of our company. Most of our products have been sold all over China as well as the overseas market, including United States, UK, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Italy, Romania, Middle-east countries, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and etc. With the efficient efforts of our R&D team, new products are coming out all the time.

You can trust that we will deliver high quality products in the fastest possible time to your laboratory.